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Massage can be used to relax the mind and body. It's beneficial in stimulating circulation, calming the nervous system or to relax tense sore muscles. Many massage experts believe that massage also offers benefits such as :

               Better digestion and intestinal function

               Increased mobility in joints

               Relief of chronic pain

               Reduced swelling and intimation

               Enhanced skin condition

               Improved blood circulation

Swedish Massage : Calming and nurturing massage stimulates circulation, improves muscle tone and relieves tension.

Deep Tissue Massage : Deep pressure to specific trigger points of the body relieves energy and 

‚Äč                                                               natural flow of oxygen to the blood, stress and tension, stimulates.

Hot Stone Massage : Smooth volcanic stones are placed precisely on pressure points throughout your body,

                                                         feel the warmth from the permeate your body as the stone are massaged into your muscles.

Head, Neck, & Shoulder Massage : This massage focuses on releasing tension in the neck and shoulder area.

Ask staff for the combination massage