Our basic manicure includes warm scented paraffin with hot lotion massage.


deluxe Spa Manicure

Includes classic manicure plus exfoliation scrub, crystalline citric acid and oil treatment massage with hot towel. 


Hot Stone spa Manicure

Our deluxe spa manicure with marine masque and hot stone massage.



ocean Spa Pedicure

This luxurious treatment combines the use of beach sand and mineral sea salts with a marine masque, warm lotion massage and paraffin treatment.

hot stone Pedicure

Includes classic pedicure plus honey sugar scrub, marine masque, oil treatment and foot, leg massage with warm stones and hot towel (1 hr ).

Classic pedicure

Our basic pedicure includes callus removal and warm scented paraffin with hot lotion massage.


 Beauty Touch      Day Spa

            Exclusive care for you

Deluxe spa pedicure

Includes classic pedicure plus honey sugar scrub, marine masque, cucumber heel therapy cream massage oil, marine gel and hot towel.

White tea pedicure

Includes classic pedicure plus white tea sugar scrub, white tea moisture mask, white tea therapy lotion with paraffin treatment and hot towel to help repair dry and damaged skin.

hawaiin pedicure

Relax your senses while your feet soften in a bath of soak and slices of lime. While your feet is buffed with fruit flavor sea salt glow, your feet are cared with warm herbal wraps to soften and plump your skin light exfoliation with sloughing scrub of softening sea butter. Then a paraffin mask is applied just say ahhhhh !

Artificial Nails

pearl powder nails

Make your hand look beautiful with the fashion color.

Silk nails

Beautiful and nature look.

gel nails

Nature look durable nail, extremely strong, non-yellow high gloss shine and absolutely no odor.

Pink and White Nails

The perfect color in a nature look, finish with super gloss buffing.

Acrylic Nails

The art of the acrylic nail enhancement to make your hands look beautiful and professional.